Beluga Whales, The Canary of the Sea

The Beluga Whale, or Delphinapterus leucas are often called the "canary of the sea" due to their wide range of vocalizations. Belugas are the only white whale and are most closely related to the narwhal. There is even at least one beluga and narwhal hybrid in the wild. Compared to other whales, they are relatively… Continue reading Beluga Whales, The Canary of the Sea


Basilisk Lizards

Basilisk lizards are a species of lizard that lives in Central and South America. Basilisks are about two feet at their mature size. The males also have a crest, that is used to impress females. They are also omnivores, eating plants, insects, and even small vertebrates. Basilisks are the only lizard to walk on water.… Continue reading Basilisk Lizards