First animal tag!

Hi guys! I realized when I did my Never Have I Ever Book Tag on Book Bliss that I have not done a tag on this blog, and I couldn’t find any about animals, so I’m making my own!

The rules:

Link back to original creator (me!).
Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw this tag (me again!).
Answer all the questions.
Add one more question of your own.
Tag at least 5 people.
Don’t lie.
Have fun!

Some of these are not applicable for this post, but I kept them because they’re important to remember if you’re doing a blog tag. Feel free to use this blog tag even if I didn’t tag you below, just make sure to follow all the rules, and comment down below that you’re doing it.

Now on to the fun part, the questions!

What is you’re favorite animal?

This is a hard question, but I’d have to narrow it down to sea turtles.

Do you have a pet?

No, we’re trying to get a bunny though.

What got you interested in animals?

Ever since I learned about different animals when I was little, I was immediately fascinated with them (and their cuteness).

What is you’re favorite nonfiction book about animals?

The Sea Turtle Scientist by Stephen R. Swineburn

What is your favorite fiction book about animals?

Maxi’s Secrets (or what you can learn from a dog) by Lynn Plourde. It was sad but moving and thought provoking.

Have you been a part of any animal conservation efforts?

Yes, I work on a project called zooniverse where you can help categorize pictures or video clips for a certain project to help advance their research.

What is your top bucket list dream that you would do with animals?

I would love to snorkel/scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Have you ever dressed up like an animal?

Yes. When I was little, about six or seven, I dressed up in a giraffe costume for a fall festival.

I tag:

The Marine Detective

Into the Light Adventures

Hope for the Animals

Animals Are Feeling Beings Too


I hope you enjoyed my first animal tag!

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