Movie Review: All Creatures Great & Small

Hi guys! Recently, Masterpiece came out with All Creatures Great and Small show. It started on January 10th in the U.S., and they just posted the last of the seven episodes of Season 1 on Monday. While they decided to take some liberties in the plot, as many people do, it still turned out with… Continue reading Movie Review: All Creatures Great & Small


Crocodiles and Alligators

Hi guys! Crocodiles and Alligators get mixed up a lot, so I decided to to a combo post explaining their differences and similarities. A group of crocodiles is called a bask, while a group of alligators is called a congregation. Baby crocodiles and alligators are both called hatchlings. The hatchlings are simply adorable! CrocodileAlligatorBask of… Continue reading Crocodiles and Alligators



Hi guys! Today I'm going to talk about platypus. A group of platypus are called a paddle, and a baby platypus is called a puggle. Isn't that adorable? Puggle Puggle cuddling Platypus can only be found in Australia and Tasmania. Platypus have webbed feet and beaver like tails that help them swim in rivers and… Continue reading Platypus