It’s my blogiversary! || Kiptopeke State Park Review

Hi guys! It’s my blogiversary and Jacques Cousteau’s birthday! You can read my post on him here. It’s so crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for a year. Thanks to all of my followers and readers!

This is going to be a packed post, but first, I have an announcement: I’m going on a short hiatus. I love blogging but I have some school things to wrap up before fully getting into summer mode. I have so many fun things planned for when I get back and can’t wait to blog again!

Now on to the review.

Kiptopeke State Park is located on the Delmarva Peninsula (I didn’t know it was called that), the peninsula that contains the tip of Delaware, a sliver of Maryland and Virginia at the end. The Delmarva Peninsula touches the Chesapeake Bay on ones side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Kiptopeke State Park is on the Chesapeake Bay side, a few hours away from Assateague and Chincoteague islands. It is a popular park to visit for saltwater fishing as well as calm water swimming.

In order to get there from mainland Virginia, you have to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (a 17.6 mile expanse of bridges and underwater tunnels), unless you want to cross through Delaware and Maryland. I really enjoy the bridge, but there is a toll, and it might be scary for those with claustrophobia or a fear of bridges/heights.

It’s near Norfolk and Virginia Beach, which are both fun destinations.

Kiptopeke didn’t have as much interesting history as the other state parks in my opinion. It was explored by John Smith in 1608 and is part of the John Smith trail, but that’s about it. An interesting fact that I learned was that in 1948, they placed concrete ships that were used in World War Two around the boundary to create breakwater for the ferry that traveled through. They created a great habitat for birds and wildlife, and can still be seen today.

There is plenty of wildlife there, though. Because it’s on the Chesapeake Bay, there are ospreys, blue crabs, and plenty of saltwater fish. It is a popular stop for migrating birds as well, so you can always see some type of wildlife at any given time. There are also a lot of American Toads, when we went on a walk, we saw several.

If you are going for hiking, however, this is not the park for you. Though there are trails to be seen, they are all on the “easy” level, and are essentially roads that you can walk. The views are gorgeous and it’s a perfect place if you’re one to relax at the beach, birdwatch or do some serious saltwater fishing. The swimming area is perfect for little kids, as there isn’t much of a current in the bay and it stays shallow for a while. It does have slightly boring swimming if you’re going to really swim though.

Their address is 3540 Kiptopeke Dr., Cape Charles, VA 23310, and feel free to visit their website here if you’re interested in visiting.

15 thoughts on “It’s my blogiversary! || Kiptopeke State Park Review”

  1. I am sure that there are many more hikes in your future! Have you done Old Rag mountain yet? Or any waterfalls? Can’t wait to see your review of Douthat when you get there. Thanks for sharing Cari!

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  2. We haven’t done Old Rag mountain or waterfalls, but would love to. I can’t wait to explore Douthat at some point too.


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