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A group of jaguars is called a shadow, and baby jaguars are called cubs.

Jaguars are the third largest cats in the world; only the tiger and lion are larger than them.

Their spots are called rosettes. While they are commonly mistaken for leopards, their rosettes have spots in the middle, unlike leopards.

Jaguars love to swim, contradicting the general belief that cats will avoid water at all costs.

Jaguars are fierce predators, and their diet consists of medium to small sized mammals such as deer, capybara and fish.

Jaguars are solitary animals, and spend their time lying in wait for their prey.

Jaguars are very versatile, and can live in a range of habitats. They can be found in tropical forests, swamps, mangroves, and grasslands throughout South America.

Like many species that call the Amazon their home, jaguars main threat is habitat loss and poaching. According to the IUCN Red List, they are near threatened, and could use our help.

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