Hi guys! Today I’m going to do a post on klipspringers; adorable little creatures in the antelope family.

A baby klipspringer is called a calf.

Klipspringer calf

Klipspringer means “goat of the rocks” in Swahili, which describes it fairly well. They live in the highlands and mountains of Africa, and are widely distributed throughout this area.

Like many other African antelope species, the hair of the klipspringer is hollow and flat. In being this way, they reflect the intense heat and provide insulation for the tiny animals.

Klipspringers have a fair lifespan. The longest recorded lifespan in captivity was 17 years, but there is no record of their lifespan in the wild.

They travel and feed in herds, and they forage for vegetation and berries often.

Because of their small size, they are very vulnerable to predators. Their main ones are hyenas, leopards, eagles and even baboons.

They are currently of Least Concern according to the IUCN Red List, and I hope that their populations will rise.

I hope you enjoyed learning about one of my favorite animals to see.

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Two adults

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